Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Brainstorm Notes


  • Dark crystal, Labrinth-esque characters in the house
  • Characters with personality, not just animated objects
  • Bird face siren
  • Tree sprite
  • Bush goblins
  • Legged pots (the pigeons of the house)
  • Mirror riddler (mirror that shows the truth, reflects what the creatures use to be, ex: a pot runs by but the mirror shows a little boy) (Merlin-esque, lives time backwards)
  • Corrupted wanderers that stumbled into the house
  • Horse riders (painter, statues) that tell the truth from one perspective
  • Screaming bottle when the cap is off, sings when the other kid uses it.
  • House/objects respond different to each kid
  • Glasses linked to other objects (ex: opera glasses that when looked through shows where the opera gloves are)
  • Chair that acts like a goat, will give rides to the girl, buck off the boy
  • Leper house cleaners
  • Character juxtaposition, (Ex: an encyclopedia that is really stupid)
  • Relationships (Ex: broom and dust pan, husband and wife, always arguing)
  • Matrioska Doll family (Ex: "where's Hermon!?" The dolls all pop out and look for the missing son)
  • Drunk wine bottles, arguing about who has the best vintage
  • Throw rug, Music instrument, feels wronged about being walked on
  • Look for archetypes for character relations for Monday

  • Boy has the inventory, girl can only carry one thing at a time.
  • Each room favors one kid more than the other.
  • Solve relationship conflict of house characters
  • While you play, the ipad camera takes pic of who's playing and puts them into picture frames in the house

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