Monday, February 2, 2015

Development of Baba Yaga

Consequence grows aggressively.


Embracing differences fosters appreciation

  • Has Personality, also force of nature
  • Unpredictable, always has a sense of danger about her.
  • Trickster archetype, lazy, entitled
  • Beautiful chaos - uncontrolled growth/ uncontrolled freedom
  • The kids are beneath Baba Yaga, insects in her garden
  • Closer interactions? In the house with the kids
  • Split personality
  • Past: Something was taken away to make her the way she is. Self inflicted?
  • Kids become yang to Baba's yin?
  • Appreciation of Baba as a force at the end. She doesn't change
  • What is at the heart of Baba's love of chaos?

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