Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Wednesday Notes 2.11.15


  • More playful logo
  • Clear, readable at a glance, clear typeface
  • Play with the rhythm and space, reference theme of story into logo without being too overt
  • Shrouded, creeping, lurking. Guarded, calculating. 
  • Very expressive, lots of emotion.
  • Can be sympathetic, but puts up a lot of walls, keeps others at a distance.
  • Too much Gnome in the designs, needs more force of nature still
  • Even when she interacts with the kids, she has a personality but isn't very approachable (not Aladdin's genie or madame Mim)
  • Charismatic, but not playful, more puppet master. Cunning, crafty, plotting, intelligent
  • Still finding the character, do expression and poses, then fill in detail for now.
  • Free up the hair, less bandanna and buns, more flowing locks.
  • Serious but sympathetic.
  • Very close to what we want the design to be.
  • Simpler design, don't worry about detail for now.
  • From outside, feel like there's a lot of places inside to go.
  • Silhouettes and shapes, very little inside detail.
  • Less open space between structures.

  • Enchanted objects: minions and characters inside the house.
    • Everything from enchanted doll to zombies from the graveyard.
    • What's in Baba Yaga's world?
    • What's her magic do and look like?

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