Saturday, February 28, 2015

House LIft


Here's some props, the chair that acts like a goat, the drunk wine bottles and a couple others.  I thought it'd be cool if there was a wardrobe full of dresses that if the kids put on, it would change their behavior, almost like their possessed. Ex: If they put on a wedding gown, they might have a since of urgency or anxiety to make sure everything's in order and perfect, or they might want to run away. The luggage I thought could be like pets.  The could steal your things and run away with them,

And one of the boy, queuing off of Aubrey's design.

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Mawr Chicken Legs

Boy Head Test 1

Here's the first pass on the boy.

Brainstorm Notes


  • Dark crystal, Labrinth-esque characters in the house
  • Characters with personality, not just animated objects
  • Bird face siren
  • Tree sprite
  • Bush goblins
  • Legged pots (the pigeons of the house)
  • Mirror riddler (mirror that shows the truth, reflects what the creatures use to be, ex: a pot runs by but the mirror shows a little boy) (Merlin-esque, lives time backwards)
  • Corrupted wanderers that stumbled into the house
  • Horse riders (painter, statues) that tell the truth from one perspective
  • Screaming bottle when the cap is off, sings when the other kid uses it.
  • House/objects respond different to each kid
  • Glasses linked to other objects (ex: opera glasses that when looked through shows where the opera gloves are)
  • Chair that acts like a goat, will give rides to the girl, buck off the boy
  • Leper house cleaners
  • Character juxtaposition, (Ex: an encyclopedia that is really stupid)
  • Relationships (Ex: broom and dust pan, husband and wife, always arguing)
  • Matrioska Doll family (Ex: "where's Hermon!?" The dolls all pop out and look for the missing son)
  • Drunk wine bottles, arguing about who has the best vintage
  • Throw rug, Music instrument, feels wronged about being walked on
  • Look for archetypes for character relations for Monday

  • Boy has the inventory, girl can only carry one thing at a time.
  • Each room favors one kid more than the other.
  • Solve relationship conflict of house characters
  • While you play, the ipad camera takes pic of who's playing and puts them into picture frames in the house

Girl sketch

Tuesday, February 17, 2015


- Things to explore: She has fungus qualities. She is like a spore that plants things all around her. Perhaps she has a gaseous mist around her where the spores are distributed. 
-  Remember she is a force of nature  and the fungus is the frosting on the cake...not the cake itself.
-More sharp. Joints with structure mixed with an organic octopus like body structure.

- How are they linked to baba yaga?
- Everything should feel like it was touched by Baba Yaga's hand.
-Look for specific referenced to mythology like the hands, firebird, dolls, etc.
- Hands. Possibly think of them as something growing that baba yaga planted and plucked herself.

-Possibly linked to the firebird mythology. There could be an animal that is ominous at first but later reveals itself to be helpful. A crow that later reveals to be the firebird.

-more bulky and gargantuan. 
-Fun and memorable. Like the first time you see howls moving castle.

Creatures+ Baba Yaga